Porsche Classic Cars

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More than two-thirds of all Porsche models that have ever been built still drive around today. That says everything about Porsche. And about the passion of the drivers. With the production and delivery of Porsche Classic Original Parts, we make an essential contribution to this. So that every Porsche also really remains a Porsche.

Porsche Classic Parts Explorer

You can now easily and quickly find original spare parts for your classic vehicle via the new Porsche Classic Parts Explorer.

Porsche always keeps around 52,000 parts in stock. From here they are sent directly to the Porsche Classic dealers and Porsche dealers via the international Porsche sales network. For unadulterated driving pleasure in an original Porsche.

Porsche Classic Genuine Parts Catalog

To help you find genuine parts for your classic Porsche, we offer a special catalog for Porsche Classic Genuine Parts.

The catalog includes all Classic models. Renewed, customized Porsche Classic Genuine Parts and Porsche Classic Genuine Parts whose production has been discontinued are not included in this catalog. Please contact your Porsche Classic dealer or your Porsche dealer.

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