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The Porsche Service applies all over the world. At Carrera Motors you will find information about the service offer. Thanks to the Porsche identity and standards in terms of service, you can travel around the world with your Porsche.

Porsche Genuine Parts

Nobody knows your Porsche better than yourself, except the constructor.

We make every effort to ensure optimum enjoyment of the Porsche sensations. To extend this pleasure, your Porsche is carefully checked by our specialists at every inspection.

When a piece needs to be replaced, we obviously only use Porsche genuine parts. With some Porsche parts you have the choice of new parts or genuine spare parts that have been repaired and checked by Porsche. The latter are not only cheaper, they are also more environmentally friendly, because their recovery requires less energy and raw materials than the production of new pieces. Of course, these are genuine Porsche spare parts, with a 2-year warranty.

For more information, please contact Carrera Motors Porsche Center. We are always at your disposal for all your questions and service offerings.

Warranty periods

The warranty period commences on the day the car is delivered to the customer. It also includes:

  • 2 year warranty on every new vehicle
  • 2 years warranty on parts, spare parts and Porsche genuine accessories used or sold during work not linked to the warranty. For Porsche pieces used during work linked to the warranty, the term expires at the same time as the part that has become defective
  • 3 year guarantee on the paint
  • 12 years anti-rust guarantee

In some cases you can obtain an extra year warranty for used Porsche cars.

The warranty applies to all Porsche partners throughout the world.

Porsche Approved Warranty

You will enjoy every kilometer of your new Porsche Approved second-hand car. We can already guarantee that. And that is definitely more kilometers than you think. Not only that is why a Porsche naturally also stands for durability and value retention, in addition to dynamism and driving pleasure. Porsche Approved therefore offers - in addition to a certified car - a guarantee that is perfectly matched to a Porsche. With this you are able to face the future with peace of mind. Of course, Porsche Approved offers the same coverage as the warranty on a new Porsche. Here too you get 100% Porsche.

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