The N specification for each Porsche tire

Porsche always ensures that every new model gets exactly the tire it needs. And only that tire gets the quality rating of the N specification.

Every new Porsche model is sent to the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring to be pushed to the limit. Also called ‘The Green Hell’.

The N tire for each Porsche

Whether it's a Porsche with the engine in the rear or a four-door with the engine at the front or when it comes to the development of a new model, the tire is one of the most important strategic components. The tire contributes to the character of the car and is responsible for implementing the dynamics of every Porsche with respect for comfort and safety.

A tire is always a compromise of different characteristics, but also an important element in the total artwork of the chassis.

The tire concept forms the core of the development of a Porsche

It is a complex system. The tires must fit into the wheelhouses and they affect the entire car. The dimensioning of the tires depends on the mass of the vehicle, the weight distribution and the engine torque on the drive wheels.

Other factors are the many requirements of the specialized departments and strict legal requirements with regard to rolling noise, wet grip and rolling resistance.

For example, the braking distances and the Nordschleife lap times are an indicator of the progress of tire development at Porsche.

The concept phase of the tires starts more than four years before the production starts of a new Porsche model. Tire manufacturers generally need three months to produce various prototype tires that meet the specifications of the Porsche Weissach Development Center.

The Porsche test drivers test and compare the different tire brands. Only if the result meets all expectations, Porsche gives a tire its blessing with the N specification as offered by Porsche centers.

The development never stops

Tire manufacturers have made tremendous progress over the past decades. Today's tires are able to combine features such as good wet handling and low rolling resistance or excellent dry performance and high mileage.

Tests on the limit

During a test day four Porsche test drivers are exclusively involved in tire coordination. They are rarely in the Weissach Development Center of Porsche. They can usually be found at the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, at the Nardò Technical Center in Southern Italy or the Contidrom near Hannover.

Timo Kluck has been a test pilot of sports cars for eighteen years at Porsche's tire department and is one of the test drivers who can test a Porsche with precision at the limit of its performance. But it is not enough to just be fast. The test pilots must also be able to transfer their feedback to the tire manufacturers, who attach great importance to the test driver's judgment. One of their main tasks for the test driver is to evaluate the properties of the tires subjectively, on dry, wet, snowy and frozen roads.

Source: Porsche News

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