The history of the Speedsters

Porsche has been making the Speedsters since 1952. They combine driving pleasure from an open roof with excellent driving dynamics. The forerunner of all these models is the 356 America Roadster. The bodywork was 160 kilos lighter than the 356 Coupé. His top speed of 180 km / h was impressive at that time. This exclusive sports car contained all the elements of the Speedster design with slot doors, a foldable rain cover and lightweight bucket seats.

356 Speedsters

Many 356 Speedsters followed. The model reached its peak in 1957 with the 356 A 1500 GS Carrera GT Speedster with a 1.5-liter vertical engine with 110 hp. It was the first Porsche production model to reach a top speed of 200 km / h.

911 Speedsters

The Speedster was introduced in the 911 series in 1988, based on the 231 PS 911 Carrera turbo-look. The windshield was shortened and the manual rain cover disappeared under a large plastic bubble painted in the vehicle color.

Even more rare is the 911 Carrera Speedster based on the 993 generation: there are only two. The first was developed by the Exclusive department in 1995 for Ferdinand Alexander Porsche itself. A second vehicle was built for the American actor, Jerry Seinfeld. This was a silver Speedster with manual transmission, a turbo-look 4S model with 18-inch wheels.

The last Speedster version of the 911 was a variant of the 997 model generation in 2010. This 911 Speedster had a lower, more sloping windscreen and the characteristic double bubble on the lid of the convertible top compartment. This Porsche 911 Speedster celebrated its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in early October 2010. The 3.8-liter six-cylinder boxer engine with 300 kW (408 PS) was produced in a limited edition of 356 copies.

The new 911 Speedster is coming

The Speedster is a sporty and puristic vehicle that reflects the core of the mer Porsche. In 2018, Porsche celebrated the 911 Speedster concept car on the occasion of the "70-year history" of the Porsche Sports Cars anniversary. The unique vehicle in the Heritage version forges a link between the early years of Porsche, when the brand achieved its first successes in motor sport with the lightweight Speedsters of the Porsche 356, to this day. This two-seater Speedster is the first car in modern times that is based on a GT model. The dream has now finally become reality. The new 911 Speedster will be taken into production soon.

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